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Ufs Blackboard

The official online learning portal for the students of the University of the Free State(UFS) is known as the UFS Blackboard.

This portal is part of the student self-service which allows you to have access to your academic records, timetables, exam results, and more.

I know most of you are wondering what Blackboard means. Well, here is a brief definition of Blackboard below.

First of all, we should know that Blackboard was developed by Blackboard Inc. it’s a virtual learning environment and course management system. It is also an online learning management system, here you will find study materials and assessments on your registered modules.

It’s web-based server software that has the features of course management, customizable open architecture, and scalable design. Scalable design allows integration with student information’s and authentication protocols.

Faculties can add their resources for students to access online, using UFS Blackboard learning management.

Different applications like PowerPoint, video, Captivate, audio, video, animation, and other applications are created outside of Blackboard, but they are then added into Blackboard courses for students in order to enhance their learning and teaching efforts.

There’s not much difference between the UFS and other universities’ learning management systems. Other Universities learning management systems are eFundi of NWU, Sunlearn of SUN, and plenty more which will cover soon.


About University of the Free State

The University of a free state is a multi-campus public university. It’s located in the Bloemfontein capital of the Free State and the judicial capital of South Africa. Its motto is “In Truth is the Light of Wisdom”

In 1904 it was first established as an institution of higher learning as a tertiary section of Grey College. In 1950 it was declared an independent Afrikaans language university, which made them change its name to the University of the Orange Free State.

In 1996 the university was fully de-segregated, then it was initially a white-only precinct. It consists of two satellite campuses. In 2010 the first vice-chancellor was appointed.

Former Names of the College and Date they were Changed:

1904-1906 – Grey College

1906- 1940 – Grey University College

1940 – 1950 – University College of the Orange Free State

1950 – 2001 – University of the Orange Free State


How to access Blackboard

To gain access to the UFS Blackboard system, click on this link: ufs.blackboard.com. or move to the UFS self-service website and click on the blackboard link to enter/log in.

To log into the UFS Blackboard, you use your campus username and password.

These two credentials (username and password) are the two credentials used by staff to browse the internet and intranet and log into their email address. It’s also used by students to browse the internet and have access to their UFS4life email addresses.

On the Platform, you will only find newly registered modules after 24 hours. Some lecturers may decide not to use the Blackboard for additional study guides. Talk to the relevant lecturer about the study guide or you can check on your blackboard to know if a specific module is available on the platform.

If you check and the modules you registered for are not on the UFS Blackboard, go to the Blackboard Helpdesk at the central Computer Laboratory (next to the Sasol library). Or you can do well to contact the Helpdesk at +27 051 401 9452 for assistance with uploading your module to the website, or for other Blackboard-related questions.


How to Reset Blackboard Password

On some occasions, when staff or students can’t have access to their blackboard learn UFS due to a forgotten password, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Reset Password” link, there you will see the “Forgotten Password” link on the reset password page.

To reset your password, an SMSĀ  message will be sent to you by the University of the Free State (UFS) to the mobile number available on your UFS account, or an email will be sent to your personal email address, specifically the one available on your UFS account.

Ps: make sure to update your phone number or email on your UFS account, if changed for a reason.

This system will give you the security code necessary to reset your password. Just enter your Username (UFS username) and click the “Search” button.

By clicking the Search button, you allow UFS permission to send an SMS or email to your mobile number or to your personal email address.

Another way to change your password online is by going to the UFS student portal. Use their Challenge Response answers to change your password.


Status Check Guide

There’s a level of progress after getting your application done for the institution of your choice, but the real tedious work is checking to know if your admission proved successful or not. Therefore not only will you apply to the University of Free State but Keeping track of your admission will be necessary too. Technology has made life easier for us both in the Education system inclusive. You can now check your admission status with the UFS student portal.

To check if you have been granted admission to the school, you will need the login details that were given to you by the University during the initial process of application.

These are steps you have to follow if you want to accept/decline the admission offer

  1. Log in to the link https://www.ufs.ac.za/study offer
  2. You can only accept one offer if you were given multiple offers. Offer will elapse after three days of not being accepted, that’s why it is advisable to check on your portal consistently.

If you have forgotten your password go to our guidelines on forgotten passwords.

  1. Once you have been selected or offered admission, click on accept admission, you won’t be given admission if you do not click “accept admission”
  2. After accepting the admission, you can now complete your registration through their online self-service platform.


Contact Details

If you still have other inquiries you want to make you u can call their line

Blackboard learn UFS help desk

Telephone number: +27 51 401 9452

Email Address: ehelpdesk@ufs.ac.za

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