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The truth is that 99% of the world’s population can not live without listening to music. Music, as they say, is food to the soul and mind. To have a good relaxation or get off from things happening around you, listening to good music could be the right thing to do.

Today, just as I promised to bring you a thorough review of the most frequently used web tools that help solve some pressing needs.

Different downloading sites go by the name Tubidy but have different extensions. Below are the few I could find, and I will do my best to run you through all of them. So sit tight as we roll.

  • Tubidy.com
  • Tubidy.blue
  • Tubidy.icu
  • Tubidy.fm

The first tubidy site on the list to be discussed is tubidy.com, which is currently known as tubidy.mobi.

The truth is that the internet has become a home for many music lovers; myself is not an exception. The internet has also developed to a level that all needed can be met at once, with a snap of fingers.

So many websites, software, and web tools have simplified how one can get or download music of choice—tools like tubidy.com or turbidity.Mobi has stood the test of time, and I believe this is because of the awesome services it is rendering.



Tubidy.com or dot mobile is one of the best websites on the internet where all one or its users can explore the world of music. It provides the platform for its users to download or stream any music MP3 files for free.

Before now, it was nearly impossible to get any music MP3 file on your phone without paying for it. Though, for so many music lovers, it’s a good thing to download any music MP3 file to their phone without paying for it. But the is, the creators of these files are being robbed.

MP3 Tubidy has many awesome features and offerings in stock for its users. These awesome and mind-blowing features and offerings make it one of the powerful platforms to download MP3 files.

It may interest you to know that MP3 Tubidy is a multi-purpose platform that helps its users fulfill lots of tasks such as downloading YouTube Videos and converting YouTube videos to MP3 files. It also helps you download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Daily Motion, Vimeo, etc.

There is another website where you can download any music MP3 file. MP3SKULLS is a search engine for anything music. 


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Features Highlights

Under this headline, I will highlight the features of MP3 Tubidy and how to convert and download media of any format.

Let it be known that you can download from Tubidy MP3 either from its web-based or app-based platform. And that with the web-based, you can only download MP3 files, that’s no conversion and no downloading of Videos.

It’s no more a piece of fresh news in the present age that TV shows and series have become so trendy that movies are sometimes forgotten. But in the midst of it all, a site is known for its amazing and cool services.

Tubidy.mobi has made a name by providing MP3 files and MP4 files for its users. And it went as long as making the whole process of getting all these files easy and simple.

This audio and video downloading platform are well built so that its users will enjoy streaming and downloading files from the site. It has so many categories that help one navigate the site as easily as possible.

Below are some of the categories on tubidy.mobi, and what they do.


How To Download Media on the Website

  • Firstly, to download and convert any video from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more, you must download that MP3 Tubidy Mobi application from the uptodown application store.
  • Secondly, you can choose to create an account or proceed to download from any platform listed on the top bar.
  • Thirdly, if you want to download, let’s say, from Facebook: all you have to do is to log in to your Facebook account right on the app interface.
  • After logging in, to download any video on Facebook, you have to click on the floating arrow down on the screen.
  • If you want to download any video or audio on YouTube, you have to click on the YouTube icon on the screen. After this, search for the video you wish to download and click download.



Website: https://Tubidy.mobi

About and How to use.

Tubidy Blue is another cool and amazing downloading site like Tubidy.mobi, but it is more diversified. Like Tubidy.mobi, it provides music MP3 downloadable files; unlike tubidy.mobi, it serves other purposes, such as; it provides downloadable files and news in under categories:

1. Gaming

2. Sports

3. Virtual Reality

4. Entertainment

5. Film & Animation

6. Pets & Animals

7. Autos & Vehicles

8. Travel & Events

9. People & Blogs

10. News & Politics

11. Howto & Style

12. Education

13. Science & Technology

Website: https://tubidy.blue


Similar Websites you would want to Checkout

1. Musicpleer

First on our list of top sites similar to Tubidy is Musicpleer. It is no more new to say that as long as the music is concerned, Musicpleer has its part to play. This is because of the awesome features that make it outstanding and fitting to be on this list.

Musicpleer, just like MP3 Tubidy Mobi, has a friendly user interface that allows you to navigate around the site in just a flash.

Check it out @ https://musicpleer.media/.

Do you wish to download and stream movies online? And I mean any movie. Xmovies8 is one of the well-known movie and TV show downloading sites. 


2. YTMP3

Next on my list is this powerful tool called YTMP3; this platform is one of a kind. If you have been looking for a site to download and convert MP3 to MP4 or otherwise, then YTMP3 is a good call.

This platform is super fast with its data processing procedures. And it has a user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate from one page to another in this web-based tool.

Conversion and downloading with this website are super easy. All you need to do is copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert or download, paste it into the box provided on the YTMP3 site, and hit download.

Note that you can only convert video from 2 hours duration down; any duration above 2 hours is impossible.

Check it out @ https://ytmp3.cc/



Another super MP4 to MP3 converter on my list is Loudtronix. Like Tubidy MP3, it has all it takes to be on this list. Here I will consider its features ranging from simple navigation to and user-friendly interface.

To download MP3 files or convert videos from YouTube to MP3, all you have to do is copy the link to that video, paste it into the LoudTronix website search box and follow the instructions to convert and download.

Check it out @ https://www.loudtronix.co/.


Conclusion: it ends here. Please, if you have any questions concerning the topic above, please drop them in the comments box below.

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