Takealot: Ultimate Guides To Buying & Selling (Take a lot 2022)

Today, you will learn how to buy and sell goods on Takealot 2022.

 (“Ultimate Guides“)

We use these guides in buying and selling products on the online store. And it has been a stress-free experience for me and others who know about these guides.



Takealot.com is one of the big dogs for e-commerce (online shopping business) in South Africa.

And has dominated this position for some years now, with the likes of Makro, Spree, Pick n Pay, One Day Only, MNR Price, and many others.

Takealot was officially established in the year 2011. And this was after the US-based firm Tiger Global Management and Kim Reid acquired Take2, an existing e-commerce business, in 2010.

Today, Takealot stands as the biggest name in the e-commerce industry in South Africa and the African continent as a whole.

It has branches (warehouses) in megacities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. And currently, it has expanded to over 21 departments across Fashion, Media, Gaming, Electronics, and Lifestyle.

The year 2014 was a year of a mega breakthrough for the company with the announcement of a Hundred million dollar ($100m) investment from Tiger Global. And this was seconded by the purchase of Mr. Delivery.

In 2014, Takealot.com purchased Superbalist.com, a design & fashion website.

And it did not stop here; this was followed by another mega move, which helped to see the company at its peak. This mega move was characterized by the announcement that Kalahari.com, owned by Naspers, would be merging businesses with Takealot.com.

This merger brought about the building of a premier online shopping destination in Africa, and the merge was completed and sealed in 2015, which saw all Kalahari customer accounts transferred to Takealot.com.

The year 2018 saw another merger – Spree (among Naspers Family) merged with Takealot to make available customers with the most recent local and international fashion.

Currently, Takealot.com is identified as the biggest online shopping platform in South Africa. And has thousands of employees working around the clock.




This online store has been the most popular online shopping portal for millions of South Africans for some years now.

And has been used daily to order health & beauty products, clothing, appliances, electronics, and many more.

Just like other shopping companies, Takealot provides the platform for one to order any available goods and have them delivered to your doorstep.

This platform has made buying and selling over the last few years super convenient & easy.

One good thing about this online shopping store is its constant provision of new specials, loaded with mouth-watering promotions on several products.

Takealot’s excellent customer service & mouth-watering weekly and monthly specials have made it one of the most dominating companies in South Africa.

To get a discount each time you make a purchase, you must keep your eyes open by checking back on this webpage regularly.

Take a lot is known for its specials during the festive seasons, especially the Christmas season. You can save much on clothes, gifts, and groceries for the entire family during the Christmas period.

This company is convenient and super fast, and you no longer have to stand in a long queue for hours. Now! You can access the website at www.takealot.com and search for your favorite items.

Compared with the likes of others such as Autozone, Checkers, Mr price, Makro, Spree, and Superbalist, Takealot is the most convenient, super-fast, and reliable, with incomparably low prices on a variety of goods or products.

With all written above, you will agree with me that this Online Store is the biggest and most popular online shopping portal in South Africa.

It is now an accepted fact that this shopping portal has made life easier for most.

This is possible with the resources and technologies being put in place, and by this, buying and selling have been made easier like never before.

Its Daily deals, Special offers, and promotional codes (coupons) are accessible online.

A significant percentage of consumers are happy with the service they receive from the online shopping giant.

Without mincing words, Takealot lags when it comes to customer care service. From the experiences I had and the reviews from its customers online, which entails their imperfections.

We believe that some of us have been in the hole trying to get the customer care contact numbers, then you will agree with me that it’s pretty hard to get their contact details.

Have you been trying to get in touch? Finding a number on Takealot.com to speak to someone about your delivery or other issues you might be facing is somehow one of the most challenging things to do on takealot.com.

You can indeed contact them via e-mail or social media, but we wonder how long you are willing to wait to get a response.

Their customer care team is pretty on the ball when responding.

The question now is… What will you do when you want to talk to someone quickly about a delivery? Then, in this case, you need their customer care contact number.

Below are the customer care helpline options available at Takealot:

  1. Delivery queries ✓
  2. Returns ✓
  3. Payment ✓
  4. All other ✓

The number to contact them is 087 362 8000 – number of options will be made available for you to choose when you dial the number.

We will advise you to listen carefully to select the right option suitable for your query.

When contacting them regarding an order placed, be sure to have your order number close.


Daily Deals

Takealot Daily Deals is a section you should always check on before placing an order on Take a lot dot com.
You will see lots of products at a discounted price of about 60% or less on the daily deals. So, all I am trying to put through is that you can get a lot from Takealot’s daily deals.


Seller Portal

It is a known fact that takealot is the front-runner in the e-commerce industry in South Africa.
And for ages, sellers have been able to use the platform to generate passive income, and some have created an e-commerce empire.
Selling on this platform might seem complex and challenging, but stick with me, for I am about to dive you through a step-by-step process.
This process will surely shade you off the barriers that come with selling goods on this online store.

Just like many other online stores, Take a lot provides a platform for anyone to sell goods on its marketplace.
Follow the steps below to start selling on Take a lot:
Understanding and going by the ultimate guide below will help you scale up your dream of selling on Take a lot.

1. Registering On Seller’s Portal

To become a seller on Takealot online store, you have to access and register for an account on their seller’s Portal @ https://takealot.com/sell

At the Portal, you are required to supply all your functional details as requested on the page. And make sure that the details you provided are authentic because your application must undergo some processes before approval.

Afterward, you will receive an email from them to help you complete your registration.

After completing your registration, Takealot will set up a shopfront for you, where you will display your products.

2. Adding A Product

After the step above, the next step is to add or list your product(s) on the shopfront provided by the online store.

Listing or adding your product(s) to your provided shopfront has a lot involved. But stick with me; all will be explained in detail.

Before listing your product(s) on the Takealot Online Store, you need to check thoroughly to see if the product you are about to add to the Marketplace is enlisted already in Takealot’s Product Catalogue.

What is Catalogue? It is a complete list of items, typically one in alphabetical or other systematic order.

If you have checked before now, you will know that there are tons of products listed in Takealot’s Catalogue. They are created by the Internal Catalogue team and by other sellers submitting product information.

Before uploading your product, you should check if the product has already been enlisted on the catalog page. You can check by searching the catalogue by barcode or product title.

If the product you wish to upload has already existed, you don’t have to go through creating a new product listing for the Takealot Catalogue.

Suppose you want to enlist your own-brand product, which has never existed in the catalogue category. In that case, you have to create a piece of product information, including the description and images, and submit it to Takealot. It takes about 1 to 14 days for the Takealot division to review your application manually and decides to approve or disapprove it.

Note: Your application might be disapproved when submitted product information does not conform to the Catalogue Product Information Rules & Requirements. And when this is the case, you have to check for errors, correct them, and resubmit them again.

When your product(s) has or have been added successfully to the seller’s Portal, I will advise you to sit back and see how it sells out.



Selling on Takealot Online Store is free. But then, several charges are incurred when a customer places an order on your Shopfront.
Charges are considered based on your product’s category, weight, and dimensions.

You might see the fees as high, but you have to believe that Takealot handles customer service, delivers your product, and maintains its website.

With all these being handled by them, all you have to do is focus all your investment on expanding and strengthening the capacity of your Shopfront.

 Pricing Highlights:

  • R300 (excl. VAT) monthly fee.
  • An R32 to R325 fulfilment fee is charged for dispatching your products from DC to the customer, based on the product’s volume and weight.
  • A charge will be incurred if you decide to store your stock at the DC for quick customer delivery. And this charge is placed when if your inventory exceeds 35 days. And you are again charged based on weight and volume.
  • You are charged on every successful sale you make on Takealot, ranging from 5.5% to 18% of the total amount of the product sold.


Pickup Points

Takealot Pickup

Take alot has about 25 pickup points. Being the leading e-commerce site in South Africa, it has its tentacles all over the country.

 Below are the Pickup Points:

  • Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth
  • Limpopo – Polokwane
  • Mpumalanga – Nelspruit
  • KwaZulu-Natal – Avoca, Pietermaritzburg, Pinetown, Umhlanga Ridge
  • Western Cape – Takealot Warehouse, Brackenfell, Milnerton, Parow, Somerset West, Tygervalley, Westlake, Woodstock
  • Gauteng – New Road, Alberton, Booysens Reserve, Bryanston, Centurion, Constantia Kloof, Fordsburg, Fourways, Halfway House, Hatfield, Krugersdorp, Menlyn, Rivonia, Strydompark.


Pickup pricing

Takealot made it clear that the pickup point option is available to customers whose items all qualify for pickup.

Customers with orders of R450 and above will qualify for free pickups. And pickups for orders below the price range of R450 will incur a charge of R25 for pickup. Pickup from the cape warehouse is free of charge.

Any order delivered to the Takealot pickup Point has seven days to be collected, and when the seven days elapsed, it will be sent back to the DC, and the customer’s account will be refunded.

Take a lot stated that some orders are not available for pickup, including liquor and large appliances.

Customers can send someone to pick up their order on their behalf, provided that they have the QR code or unique PIN linked to their order.



Under here, I will put you through how to log in for a return or exchange of order on the Takealot Online Store with less stress.

Have you ordered a product on Takealot Online Store and which to have it returned or exchanged with another?
Under here, I will give you a straightforward guide on logging for a return or exchange.

To request a return or exchange:

  1. Access Takealot‘s site and login into your account. Afterwards, go to My Account > Log a Return.
  2. Hit on Log New Exchange/Return button.
  3. Look out for the product you want to return and click the Exchange/Return button.
  4. Complete the return request form.
  5. Submit the request.

Black Friday

What is Black Friday? Black Friday is a name given to the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US. It is usually a public holiday in about 30 States in the US. And it is seen as the United States Christmas shopping season. And this holds every November of every year.

For years have passed now, Takealot has been heating the e-commerce industry with great Black Friday deals. We have already seen a significant discount in Takealot Black Friday’s seasons.

Customers Review

I have been surfing the net, and I have seen good numbers of reviews from Takealot’s customers who have had bad and good experiences as the case may be buying from the online store.

And it would be great for you to go through these reviews before hitting the “order” button.

I have decided to leave some links to these review sites here so that you can go through them and know how to go about buying from the online shopping portal.




Takealot Delivery

The Takealot Delivery Team originated from Mr. Delivery, which the big dog acquired.

They took control of Mr. Delivery in 2013 and the mobile App-based business. Since then, it has been operating smoothly, and currently, it has about 55 branches, and 2900 derives.

Delivery Hotline: 087 362 7666

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