SASSA Status Check with Moya App

Sassa Status Check With Moya App


In South Africa, you can can do SASSA Status Check with Moya App. This article will direct and show you steps to follow when checking your Moya App. Before discussing the steps let’s get to know what Moya App is all about.



Moya App does not need data to perform different functions when using it, that’s why it is called a Data-Free application. It enables users to message or text each other without using their data balance or airtime on their smartphone.

Their messaging app is free on different networks such as MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, and Cell C in South Africa. This app (Moya App) also allows users to browse through Wikipedia, read news, check the weather, get live football scores, read books, and last but not least gain access to all the government services in South Africa for FREE.

Please note that when sending Media attachments like photos, videos, documents, and voice notes is not data-free. They will cost data based on the MB they carry. Before your data will be used you or mobile costs incurred will be pre-emptively warned or told to switch to your Wi-Fi.

Moya app is a Data-Free Messaging app developed by biNu in South Africa.


 SASSA R350 Grant Status Check, Application, and payments

There are various ways you can use to check your SASSA R350 grant status as well as how to follow up on your application status using the Moya App.

Also, there are so many other ways you can use to find out the status of your SRD application.

Due to the fact that Moya App is data-free, a lot of people make use of the app to check their SRD status.

Using the Moya app you can check out your SRD status, change payment options, apply for reconsideration, cancel srd grant, change payment options, and even apply for the grant.


Moya App Download

Currently, the app is only accessible to Android users and they can download it at the play store for free download. Make sure you download the latest version of the Moya App for smartphones from your Huawei, Google Play, AppStore, or AppGallery, then follow these steps to check for your SASSA Status.

How To Check SASSA SRD R350 Status Using The Mobile APP

In order to use the app, go to where the Moya App is on your Android smartphone

  1. Even though it is data free ( i.e it does not require data to function) your internet data should be on or activated for it to work
  2. Click on the icon SASSA grant
  3. After the page is fully loaded this link will be opened
  4. There you will see a button labeled “Application Status”
  5. A dialogue will automatically appear, input your ID number and cell number that you used during your application
  6. When you are done with that, you can now click on the submit button
  7. Your status will appear on the screen together with all the months since your information was first submitted
  8. If your application is approved it will be shown on the screen, sometimes with pay dates or sometimes without pay dates
  9. If your application was declined, it will show, and the reasons why your application was rejected or declined will be given to you. In this case, you have the opportunity to appeal or plead that your application was unduly declined
  10. But first of all, if you do not have the Moya App you can download it from the app.


Apply For SASSA R350 Reconsideration

Something you should know is that Applying for Reconsideration is the same thing as Appealing SASSA R350 status

Follow the steps below to know how to appeal for an R350 grant with the Moya App:

Step 1: Open the Moya App and wait for it to be fully loaded, scroll down and look for where it is written reconsideration

Click on the yellow labeled button with the writing “check reconsideration or click here to apply online” under the subheadings “Application for reconsideration”.

Step 2: When the reconsideration page is opened and now loaded, you can now enter your ID number and the phone number you used in submitting the application and click on the “send pin” button

Step 3: A pin will send directly to the phone number you used in submitting, after that enter the pin in the space provided for it.

Step 4: You will see a list of reasons why an application can be declined, choose the one that matches your own reason. For instance: if you are declined for “alternative source income identified” then check in the reasons and “no alternative income source”. Similar case if you were declined for “UIF registered” then choose “not UIF registered”

Step 5:  After the submission, it might take some time for SASSA to review your reconsideration application, and when done you can check your status and if you were approved then you can get paid.

Please note: When you submit your reconsideration application, you have to be patient with time cause it will take a while, SASSA will give you an update on the outcome of your reconsideration.


Features of the Moya App

. One of the things that you can use the Moya App and do is to check our SASSA SRD payment status. You can also learn how to check your SRD R350 Status using the SRD Website

. It can also be used to update your personal information. To know how to update your personal information on the SRD Website, learn it here.

. To apply for reconsideration you can use the Moya App. Learn how to appeal for SASSA R350 Grant rejection on SRD and other things

. It can also be used to change the payment option from the default Post office to the bank account you want to use.

To do this read a step-by-step guide on how to change your R350 Payment method.



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