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SA Youth is a platform that enables unemployed youth to search and apply for jobs while collecting real-time notifications of new opportunities. It was officially launched by president Cyril ramaphosa on youth day, June 16th, 2021. One of the presidential youth employment interventions “PYEI”, combines opportunities and joins unemployed young people with job opportunities and work experiences. The SA Youth platform is supported by Harambee youth employment accelerator, the Department of Employment and labor, the Department of Higher Education and Training, the National Youth Development Agency, and the Development Bank of South Africa.
The first step to applying for SAYouth.Mobi is by registering on the platform and applying for the school closest to where you live. This is the only way to apply cause you can’t apply to the schools directly.

Also, if you are from South Africa and a student of Stellenbosch University, and wish to learn how to use the site learning management system, SUN.

SA Youth is a national pathway management network, an initiative that joins the eight government departments, and leading the department is the Department Of Labour; they are In a strong partnership with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator and other organizations or institutions to form a means or network that will support and encourage young people in finding pathways into the economy.

Most youths in south Africa are unemployed because they lack the ability and experience to work in a proper place, and that’s why SAYouth was established to help the young generation find opportunities.


About South African Youth Employment Portal

This portal enables youth to apply for permanent and temporary jobs that go with their applied knowledge and skills; on this site, you can access contract and permanent jobs with other extra packages involved, such as entrepreneurial opportunities and opportunities that improve the skill you have. This site also helps in giving tips on the interview process, creating your cv, helping you look for other creative jobs, and starting something that will benefit you in life.
They are in partnership with Harambee and the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention. The main goal is to make sure every young youth gets access to resources and employment that can help them recreate their employment opportunities so it can be accessible to all South African youths, it can be accessed on all South African mobile networks without using data.

SAYouth doesn’t have any strict qualifications criteria, but there are two main requirements you must have to be able to register for SAYouth.

1. You must strictly be under the age of 18 and 34 years old
2. You should have a South African national ID or any identification that shows you are a South African or Refugee number.


Types of jobs and opportunities Available.

Many companies use SAYouth as a medium to find young people that they can employ. Companies like Woolworths, FNB (First National Bank), Tyme Bank, Nedbank, Discovery, standard bank, and pick n pay have been helped a lot by SAYouth to find several young employees. In some cases, the government has used them to interest younger workers in public sector jobs. One of the massive employee drives is the education assistant jobs that would employ almost 300,000 unemployed young youths in the country.

Most of the jobs on the website are entry-level jobs, which will enable young youths to gain necessary job experience and can be a way for them to gain long life employment in lucrative jobs.


Portal Registration guide:

If you are qualified to be a member of SAYouth, you can follow these three steps in order to begin your registration.

Many private and government institutions collaborate with SAYouth, enabling them to launch their career. 

1. Go to the SAYouth mobile website with your free access to the site through all South African mobile networks like Rain, Vodacom, Cell C Telkom, and Mtn, you can register for SAYouth by visiting the site first. You can use other devices like your laptop and desktop to register for free.

2. Create your own account after entering the site, you will be encouraged to register and apply for opportunities that are being offered by the program; at that point, you will see a space for filling out your information like your ID number, Refugee, citizen passport, permanent resident card, and number, name, surname, and your mobile phone number, there is also space for adding your WhatsApp number and your email address

After that, you will undergo a four-minute process where you will be asked different questions that will enable SA Youth to advise you on appropriate employment opportunities. 

Have it in mind that if you are registering your account and the system keeps telling you that your ID is already existing, that means that you may have registered with either Harambee or Tshepo before. in a case like this, you have to go back and click login and use your password. Still, in the case of a forgotten password, you must click on Reset password to gain access to your account.

3. Set up your profile: Once you are done with creating your account, you then proceed to set up your profile by adding the qualifications and skills you possess. Click on the burger menu at the top right side of the screen and move to your profile.       

You will be able to add your employment history in case you have more than one qualifications that will help SA youth.Mobi in finding better job opportunities for you


Here are details on how login  to your MYNSFAS Account

How to Login to the Website

Here, I will guide you through detailed steps on how to log in to the SA Youth portal.

If you have an account and wish to log in to your SA Youth account, then you have to read carefully the login guide below:

1. To login to the official portal of the SA Youth, you must visit the official website at

2. After visiting the portal, as directed above. You are required to login into your account by supplying your login details ( South Africa ID Number or Username and Password)

3. After providing your login details as directed above. the next step is to click on the login button and be logged in.


How to Reset and Set up Your Login Password

these are the steps on how to reset your SA Youth mobi password 

1. Login to your SA Youth Harambee 

2. To change your password, click “I forgot my password.”

third step:

choose the options given to you to reset your password;

  • SMS,
  • Email

3. Security questions (if you have already supplied security questions then, then tick this box)

4. if you changed your password via SMS or email, you will be given a unique URL and not a temporary password 

5. the unique link will den reset your password when you click on it 

6. your new password will enable you to log in


Profile Update Guide

To ensure you continue receiving notifications of employment opportunities when they are available, you should constantly ensure that the phone number on your SAYouth account is up to date. 

So if the details on your profile have changed since you registered for SAYouth, then you have to change your profile to the current one you are using.

Go to your profile and click on the burger menu, move to your profile and click on the space where your profile number is, change the profile number that was there before and put the one you are using recently, then click save in order to save your new number. 


Things to Know About 

SAYouth is a platform that empowers youth, and these are the necessary things to know about the program. 

* To join the single network, there’s no charge required, to be accessible to the features and benefits of the network, and it will never be a pay-to-play proposition 

also, it is 100% data-free at this site, youths of the country can access this site and experience lots and lots of experience opportunities on their phones, laptops, tablets, and even desktops without worrying about using data 

 in case you are confused and need advice, support, and assistance in whatever you are doing, you can call our toll number “0800727272”, and you will be given assistance 

SAYouth is open to all youngsters between the age of 15 and 34 

 for you to register, you have to be a South African or provide a Refugee ID number so you can be identified

young people can quickly have access to the SAYouth mobi site after it goes live.


How to spot Scammers

As to the fact Because there are so many unemployed youths in South Africa, scammers are starting to use this as a medium to target some people. Therefore if you are registering or applying for SAYouth, be careful or watch out for any sign of the scam so as not to fall victim to a financial scam or online theft. 

Points on how to identify SAYouth scammers 

1. Check the website URL: The only link you should use on your devices should be

To access the SAYouth official portal, you will go to

To login on to the website, click on this link

If you are not sure about the links redirecting you to, you can go to search then type the URL yourself or go to a bookmark you have created and visit it there 

2. Crosscheck suspicious SMSes:  If you have received notifications SMS from SA Youth and are unsure if the message is coming from them, You can go to their website by typing in their URL, go to your profile, and double-check all your profile notifications. Instead, you can contact SA Youth on their social media handles listed below. 

  • on Facebook 
  • @SAYouth_SA on Twitter
  • OR call them with their phone number 0800727272

3. You cannot be charged when applying FOR SA Youth: Signing in to SA Youth and applying for available jobs through the platform is free and available to all the platform users, so if you are asked to pay any amount or charged in any platform you enter, be sure to know it is a scam and not a real website. 

4. Job opportunities would be in your community: One of the main purposes of SA Youth is to find youth employment or job opportunities available in their various communities or places of residence; for that reason, you can easily spot a scam if the job is located in another city, province, or country. The same applies to those promising job opportunities that are outside the city, province, and country you are being located at 

NB: not all calls and SMS messages are a scam; SAYouth most times sends messages to their SA Youth members on an available job or employment opportunities; you can either participate in telephonic or in-person interviews with the employers of SAYouth and since the employers of SAYouth are verified and reputable you can always go to Google and search the number calling you if the number does not link to a verified or reputable employer be sure to know it’s a scam 

For those having trouble registering in SAYouth or applying for job opportunities because the site is down for certain reasons, keep reloading the website until it loads. Alternatively, you call them on some occasions from Mondays to Fridays at their working time from 8 am to 5 pm with their phone number 0800727272 



  • To provide job and training options for unemployed young youths while also attending to the skills gap in a variety of areas.
  • Creating youth engagement in community service delivery, therefore creating a sense of patriotism among young South African youths.
  • To make sure young people have the necessary skills and experience to employ themselves or be employed by others 


How SA Youth Works

  • You will be allocated to a group and become a member of that group for the number of your stay according to your contract 
  • You are required to complete your community service under the supervision of your supervisor, that is your team leader 
  • Make sure you log in and log out to record deals hours worked on a timesheet 
  • You are expected to work 16 hours a week for a good period of 6 months 
  • During the 6-month training program, the participants involved in this program are expected to participate in economic strengthening training

Number of positions per province: 




Kwa-Zulu Natal-450

Western cape-675


Contact Details 

Below are the SAYouth contact details and their social media handles In case you need support or want to verify anything from them. 

Toll-free support line:  0800727272



Twitter:  @SAYouth_SA

SAYouth employment opportunities 2022-2023

SAYouth, in collaboration with the southern Africa Organisation, invites unemployed South African youths with a certificate best be Matric certificate to apply for various employment opportunities for 2022-2023

Jobs Fund has contracted hand in Hand Development Npc to carry out the National Youth Service(NYS) program in different provinces of South Africa. The main goal of the NYS program is to help and encourage young people to become active participants in the country’s democracy while working and extending their employment chances. 



Be sure to use the comment box below if there is any part of this article that is unclear to you, and I will be a step away from answering and clarifying you with any info.

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