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UNISA – stands for the University of South Africa, and today I will guide you through all you need to know about MyUNISA, MyLife, and how to register on the UNISA portal. And even how to perform some necessary activities such as; how to login to MyUNISA, how to login to MyUNISA MyLife Portal, and even get your MyLife Email. also, read UP Portal Login: Guides to the University of Pretoria Registration & Login 2022

I understand that so many students of the University of South Africa are finding it difficult or don’t know how to go about registering for an account on the UNISA online portal. And some can’t seem to be able to login into their MyUNISA portal and are even confused about how to get their UNISA MyLife Email.

On this page, I will do my utmost to provide the needed and necessary information that would sort your questions out, and more.



University of South Africa (UNISA) is one of the leading and largest ope ln distance learning universities in South Africa and Africa at large. And also, it’s one of the oldest distance education in the world. It is known for its dedication to impacting the young and old generations academically.

The University of South Africa was established in 1872 as the University of the Cape of Good Hope. In 1946, the university became of the first in the world and the largest in Africa to be concerned with distance education.

The institution has about 400,000 students studying different choice studies. This includes three and four-year degrees, diplomas, short courses and certificate programmes.

This university has been in existence for about 145 years now. It may also interest you to know that the University of South Africa is well known globally for its position in teaching, research and community engagement.

Here are the study disciplines in UNISA, they include; agriculture and environmental sciences, sciences, engineering and technology, law and criminal justice, business and management and the humanities.

The University of South Africa has nine colleges, which include; the College of Accounting Sciences, College of Economics and Management Sciences, College of Graduate Studies, and College of Law. UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, College of Education, College of Human Sciences and College of Science, Engineering and Technology.


UNISA Registration

Below is some information you may want to know before considering registration.

For all individuals wishing to apply or register to study at the University of South Africa (UNISA), ensure that you have applied for admission, and afterward, you can proceed with applying online when you receive an offer of placement from UniSA and have accepted the offer on their online portal.

Applicant registration with the UNISA can be terminated if they found out that an applicant was admitted into the institution in a shady way.

Applicants who are staged to re-register must do so in the next academic year, and must be done during the UNISA registration period.

All successfully registered students are provided with a free myLife email address, and it’s solely on you to activate your MyLife Email address account. But here, I will guide you through the steps in activating your MyLife Email account.

It’s important you know your MyLife Email address by heart because it’s the only email address that is recognised by the UNISA.


How to do UNISA Online Registration

Below are the steps necessary for you to register as a student on UNISA Online Portal.

1. Firstly, follow the process narrated here on their online official website. Or you can just directly visit the UNISA registration portal and follow the steps I have outlined below.

2. On the portal, locate and choose your qualifications category. Which includes;

You can just click on any of the qualification categories above and it will take you to the official UNISA online web registration portal.

3. Afterwards, sum up your study fee and other fees

4. Fill in the necessary credentials and submit your registration, then

5. after the steps above, you will proceed by paying your study fees

6. Finally, you finish the registration by clicking on register now.

And also, if you have forgotten your student number or don’t have it. Whichever one, you can easily get it easily by searching for it on the UNISA database. To find your student number on the UNISA Portal, follow the steps below;

1. To view your student number on the UNISA portal, which will help you proceed with the UNISA web registration. You have to visit the UNISA portal for student number recovery at;

2. On the portal, supply the required details; Surname, Full name, Date of Birth, ID Number or Foreign ID/Passport.

3. After supplying the above-required details, tap on submit. Afterwards, the portal loads and displays your student number.


Claim UNISA Login

After making the payment above and registering your qualification, the next step to take in order to have full access to the portal is to claim your UNISA login.

This gives you the initial UNISA login details that enable you to have access to three different portals;

System 1. UNISA Library and the teaching and learning portal, which is commonly known as the myUNISA

System 2. The email base portal for UNISA students, commonly known as myLife

System 3. The main UNISA portal – UNISA.

To claim your initial UNISA login details proceed here

On the portal, enter your student number and follow the proceeding steps to see your initial UNISA login details.


myUNISA Login Portal

myUNISA is an academic portal put in place by the University of South Africa (UNISA), for it students. The sole aim of the establishment of this portal is for students to log in and learn and do other academic activities required of them by the institution. It is mandatory that every student of the university have access to the portal.

On the myUNISA portal, students can offer different courses and be able to download any academic material required.

To have access to myUNISA, admitted students must claim the initial UNISA login details. I have outlined the steps to claim your UNISA login details. After claiming as directed above, you would be given an initial password which you can decide to change anytime you wish.

This password we are used to access your myUNISA and myLife account. And you will see your MyLife Email address during the initial UNISA login details claiming. You are required to write down your MyLife Email address, students number and even your password on a paper and keep it safe.


How to login myUNISA

If you wish to log in to your myUNISA portal account, follow the steps below to log in;

1. Firstly, visit their official myUNISA portal at

2. On the portal, supply your username and password into the spaces provided on the site.

3. Then proceed into logging into your portal account by clicking on Login.


myLife UNISA Portal Account

myLife UNISA Portal is one of the portals that the students of the University of South Africa (UNISA) are entitled to. This portal is an information-based portal, it is one of the primary channels by which the University communicates with the students on issues that have to do with academics.

To have access to this MyLife UNISA portal or have access to the MyLife Email address, you must be a full student of the University of South Africa UNISA. You can access this portal with the UNISA login details claimed above. The UNISA Login details claimed, gives you access to myUNISA and myLife portals.


What is MyLife Email

myLife Email is a free email addressing system set up by the University of South Africa for its students. It allows students to get information directly into their email inboxes. It is the primary way in which the university communicates with its’ students.

You get this email once you have been fully admitted into the university. The email is personalised and it’s one known way the school communicates with its’ students.


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How to Register for MyLife UNISA Email Account

To register for the myLife UNISA email account follow the steps below.

1. On your device’s internet browser visit the UNISA official website.

2. Locate and click on the Claim UNISA Login

3. After the steps above, the site loads and on the next page you would see a space for you you to input your student number, input it and click continue.

4. Supply all the required credentials; Personal details which include your ID numbers.

5. Check the terms and conditions.

6. After the above steps, the portal will generate your UNISA login details; Username and Password. For the password, I would advise you to change it to what you can easily remember.


Activating MyLife Email Account

I found out that a lot of students are finding it difficult to log in to their MyLife Email Account, below, I have outlined detailed steps on how to activate or login to your MyLife UNISA Email Account.

If you are unable to log in to your MyLife Email Account. What you will do to be able to log in is to;

1. Visit the myUNISA portal here

2. On the portal, locate and tap on My Admin

3. And then, locate and tap on Change password

4. Here, supply all required details to update or change your password. Ensure to choose a password that you can easily remember because the password will be used to access both your myUNISA and myLife portals.


How to Login to MyLife UNISA Email Account

To login to your MyLife UNISA Email Account follow the steps below.

1. To log in to your MyLife Email account, firstly, on your internet browser, visit

2. Once the site loads, input your MyLife UNISA Email address and password for your MyLife account.

3. After the steps above, tap on the sign-in button.


UNISA Status Check for registration Status

Considering the fact that some applicants had to wait for weeks and some months before getting to receive a response from the University of South Africa (UNISA) regarding the status of their application or registration on their online portal is really tiring.

Some applicants have complained of staying weeks after their online registration on the UNISA Portal before getting feedback from the institution concerning their status.

Here I will show you how you can easily track your UNISA application status.

The UNISA Status Check process is an easy one, you just have to follow them and you would see your application status.

1. To check your Status, on your smart device visit

2. Once the site above opens, supply the required credentials; Student Number, Surname, Full Name and Date of Birth.

3. After filing in the required credentials. Tap on continue.


How to Download Study Materials  on myUNISA Portal

Here I will guide you on how to download or access your study materials on the myUNISA Portal.

Below are the steps necessary for you to access or download study materials from the myUNISA Portal.

1. To access studying materials, firstly, you have to visit

2. Once the page loads, log in with your student number and password.

3. After logging on, locate and tap on the myModules button

4. After the above, locate and click on Site

5. After clicking on the Site as directed above, locate and click on the Star next to the module’s name.

6. After the steps above, a message will be displayed, saying; ‘ Reload to see your updated favourite sites‘ tap on Reload.

7. Now, your favourite module will be displayed at the top navigation.

8. To download the module, click on its code (for example ICT1234). Proceed by clicking on ‘Official Study Material‘. The PDF version of the module will be shown. You can go ahead and download it.

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