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Music downloader or MP3 downloader is one among several ways to download MP3 online for free, and this can be done using some awesome and specialized tools and sites. For instance, MP3SKULLS, MP3 Tubidy, and MP3 Juice are some of these specialized websites one can download MP3 files.


Music Downloader: Free Music Downloader Sites & MP3 Downloader Apps.


What Is Music Downloader Or Free Videos MP3s downloader?

Today, I will give a clear and concise descriptive explanation about how to use Music Downloader and Videos to MP3 Converter or Downloader to download MP3 files. And also give a detailed comparison between the tools and websites used in performing this task.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into it.

Music Downloader or MP3 Downloader is a website or tool that helps users download MP3 files for free on the internet. These tools have made it easy for music lovers to download all sorts of musical files extension in general.

To make use of these tools or websites, one needs to know how it works. And this is one of our objectives for writing this article.


Features Highlights 

1. Music Downloader is accessible at all times.

2. Being accessible entails that it has no IP restrictions for any region around the globe.

3. Most good MP3 music downloaders have no annoying ads, but some have annoying ads Running on their websites.

4. Easy and simple Navigable webpages. With this feature, users find it easy to surf the site.

5. Presence of a search box; this allows users to input the keywords or link to the particular Music and have it downloaded


How To Select The Right MP3 Music and download Quality.

Music quality is solely on the bit rate, which entails the capacity of the kilobits per second of audio needed. Some of us are familiar with these audio qualities 96k, 128k, 192k, and 320k.

Please be advised that 320k stands for 320 knits/s. Please know that the higher the bit rate, the higher the MP3 Music download quality, and conversely, the higher or larger the MP3 data stream.

When downloading MP3 files, most people go directly into downloading 320k audio Quality, which is the highest MP3 Quality. Hence, remember that higher Quality also means a higher or larger MP3 file. To download an MP3 format with good Quality and manageable file size. I strongly recommend you always download 128k and 192k formats for good Quality and manageable file size.


How To Download Songs with MP3 Music Downloader.

To download an MP3 file is an easy and simple task if you find yourself on good and well-built MP3 downloading sites or platforms.

Below I will give you steps to download MP3 files for free with a few clicks.

1. All you need is to access the platform by accessing the web address.

2. It’s a common feature for all the Music Downloaders to have a search box.

3. In the search box, just input your keywords or link to the MP3 file you wish to download.

4. Afterward, click on search, and many search queries will pop up. Here, you can choose by clicking on any of the queries.

5. Finally, click on the MP3 Quality or format to download.


Top 11 Music MP3 Downloaders.



This is another awesome and mind-blowing site with a lot of goodies in store for music lovers all over the globe. According to the Ahref keyword tool, this platform is most searched for in South Africa.

According to users’ ratings, this platform is one of the best on the internet. It also has a web-based and app-based interface, all of which make its user feel at ease downloading with the platform.

MP3 Juice has a user-friendly interface and navigable web pages, and compiling these amazing and mind-blowing features makes the site stand out in the midst of many.



Mp3Goo is a site where music lovers can access and download any MP3 file. This platform and its kinds have made the work easier for music lovers. With this platform, you can download any MP3 files for free without paying or signing up.

This platform as an MP3 Music Downloader has user-friendly web pages; the site is navigable from all angles.



Mp3skulls is probably one of the most popular free music websites in operation. I don’t know how long Mp3skulls has been around, but I first found out about it through one of their mobile apps (they had their website running through both Android and iPhone applications at one stage and managed to top the charts).


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4. MP3 Tubidy

This is yet another mind-blowing platform, just like the MP3goo mentioned above. This platform is one of the best, considering its multi-purpose features.

With this platform, you can download MP3 files and convert movies from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook to MP3 or download them as Videos to your device.



Emp3z is one of the topmost and fast-growing music downloaders on the internet. This MP3 Downloader is known for its simplicity in terms of user interface and navigation, making it one of the topmost among its kind.

Currently, receives nothing less than 30 million users monthly. That is huge, right? We expect it to hits 50+ million users by the end of this year. When it comes to growth,’s rate of growth is almost to be compared with that of light(speed of light)

This MP3 Downloader is an Indian-based site, its core focus is on Indian songs, and this does not mean that it does not contain western songs on its server, yes! It does. offers mixed files of Western pop and Bollywood MP3 songs.

This MP3 Downloader is fast for downloading MP3 files, and its contents can be downloaded in the US and across all countries of the world. claims DMCA protection, so downloading from this platform is legal.


6. Convert2mp3 is another MP3 downloader site on our list. This site is known for its great and awesome service of converting videos into downloadable MP3 files for free. This site helps its users to convert any YouTube videos to MP3. One can also search for videos straight from their site.

This music downloader is a German-based site. It receives about 90 million visitors monthly. And it ranks as one of the top 50 in Germany and 500 in the global ranking. With all these, is seen as one of the world’s largest and top-ranking MP3 downloader sites. These statistics are according to

It has not recorded any server meltdown and has been operating smoothly since its inception. With the look of things, is always set and ready for business 24/7.

This platform is indeed one of the best music downloading sites on the internet, considering its features. Having fast-loading pages and enabled super-fast downloads of MP3 files is great for its competitors.


7. Zing MP3

Have you ever heard of Zing MP3? This is another Music Downloader site for downloading MP3 files. Zing is rated as the 4th largest MP3 kinds of Music downloading site in the world. It is a Vietnam-based music downloading site and currently ranks number 9 in Vietnam. This must hub receives not less than 70 million visitors monthly, as stated by

Zing MP3 is a Vietnam-based site focusing on Vietnamese, South-East Asian Songs, and some US super hits.

This MP3 downloader site can be accessed via On this platform, users can access videos, lyrics, and audio, which are fast and easy to download. This platform is nothing less than the best.


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8. NCT

NCT is another Free MP3 Downloader site in our list of top MP3 Music download sites worldwide. NCT is another Vietnam music-based site. This site is also one of the top-ranking sites in Vietnam, ranking 14th in Vietnam and 1,000 in global rankings according to

As a Vietnam-based music site, it focuses mostly on local content but also contains Western and European Content. This is to say that Songs from Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Eminem can be downloaded from the site.

This MP3 Downloader place some restrictions on its contents, which are at some points hindering it from reaching its greatest peak of success.

According to statistics, it attracts more than 40 million visitors monthly.


9. MP3XD

MP3XD is one of the top music sites for downloading songs. This site has all it takes to be whatever it is today. MP3XD is one not to contend with when it comes to music download.

This platform is the talk of the moment in Mexico and currently ranks as one of the 50 largest sites in Mexico and among the 1,000 largest sites worldwide. This music downloader receives not less than 30 million visitors in a month.

It offers or focuses on Mexican and Latino music as a Mexico-based music site. And it also offers Western and European songs. That is to say, one can download songs from the likes of Drake and Rihanna on MP3XD.

Downloading from this MP3 Downloader site is super-duper and easy, considering its simple and user-friendly interface. MP3 XD get the majority of its visitors from Mexico, and some bits of it from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.


10. Zaycev is another MP3 downloader platform that provides downloadable MP3 files for its users. This site is known for its service of delivering a wide range of downloadable media files.

Zay cev is a Russian-based MP3 Music site regarded as one of the top-ranking sites in Russia and Eastern Europe. It has millions of MP3 Music of different types uploaded to its server.

Regarding the site’s monthly traffic, Zaycev receives more than 40 million visitors monthly. It is one of the top-ranking sites in Russia (that’s, it ranks 80th on the Russian list of top sites), and has a global ranking of 1,100.


11. Mr. Jatt

This is another MP3 downloader site that is widely known for its upload of trending MP3 songs, and it specializes in Punjabi songs. This platform is the top-ranking site that offers Punjabi songs and is sure to give you know songs in that area.

Mr. Jatt can be accessed via this URL And it is an Indian-based Music site, and not only that, it is the 75th largest site in India. This great platform receives nothing less than 30 million visitors in a month. These are statistics according to’s huge traffic mostly comes from India and Pakistan, and some bits of it from the United States and the United Kingdom.


12. RnBXclusive

Speaking more on music downloader sites, RnBXclusive ( is another MP3 downloading site I highly recommend for you to check out. This site has all it takes to be on this list of top-ranking MP3 downloader sites. This site has grown so big that it attracts the attention of the RIAA.

This platform receives 8.4 million visitors monthly, and it’s among the top-ranking site in the world. It focuses more on R&B and hip-hop tracks as well as albums.


Some Music MP3 Downloader For Android.


1. Free Music Downloader and MP3 Music Downloader.

Have you been searching for an MP3 downloading android app to stream and download MP3 files.? If so, search no for free MP3 downloads is here for you. This app is one of a kind considering its mouth-watering features and ratings.

Currently, this app is having 4.6 rating on the Google play store and awesome reviews. With all these, it is clear that this app is like no other.

In a whisper, it doesn’t end here. This app doesn’t only help you don’t download MP3 files only. You can download and convert videos to MP3 files and download them to your device.



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2. Free MP3 Music.

Next on our list of Music Downloading android apps is Free MP3 Music Downloader. This app is another highly recommended app that allows you to download and stream MP3.

This app is rated 4.7 on the Google play store, With thousands of awesome reviews. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to miss out on this app.

This app is indeed one of a kind considering its features, such as; a quick search box that allows you to search for songs with the keyword. It also suggests songs using the keywords you input.



3. Download Mp3 Music & Free Music Downloader

This is another top-rated music downloader that I want you to know, and I highly recommend it for your use. This app has been around for some time now, with its cool features that will meet your expectations.

Download MP3 Music has a lot in stock, including a million MP3 tracks, local MP3 storage, listening to Music without WiFi, and many more.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this great app also has a quick and flexible search box that allows one to search MP3 by keyword and artist name. This search box can also suggest songs using the keywords you typed in the space.

The bottom line is, with all these features, this amazing app is 100% free with no in-App ads, and you can play your music offline.



4. Free Music – Download Music Free.

Free Music is another app on our review chart. This app is one of the best android apps on our chart, considering the amazing features we are about to run through.

This android app claims to offer multiple sound Quality and more than a million MP3 Songs available for downloads. They also claim to offer a fast downloading experience to all their users.

The awesome part is that the app is free to use, and all its services are legal.



iOS MP3 Music MP3 Downloader Apps


1. Evermusic: offline music + mp3

Ever used or heard of Evermusic? This is one one the best MP3 Music Downloader on the iOS mobile operating system. Have you been looking for the best app to download and stream MP3 files? Then you are good to go with Evermusic.

This app has many features in store for iPhone and iPad users: Bass booster, playlists manager, Audio equalizer, ID3 tags editor, and more.

Ever Music’s cross-fade playback feature allows you to play your song continuously. With this feature, there is no pause between songs during playback. And it also allows you to stream your Music to App TV and Google Chromecast devices.

With the Ever-music Files manager feature, you manage your MP3 files located on the cloud storage using file manager. This feature’s more fun, and the amazing part is that it supports all basic operations such as deleting, creating a new directory, uploading to storage, renaming, and moving.

This amazing app can also be used as an audiobook player, backed up with mouth-watering features such as; audio bookmarks, playback speed control, saving of media position, and Sleep timer.

Ever Music can be used on these platforms; Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, and Yandex.Disk, MediaFire, WebDAV, SMB, MyDrive, pCloud, HiDrive, and many more.




2. Mazika

Next on our list of top iOS Music Downloaders is Mazika. This music app is best on the iOS mobile operating system. It has mouth-watering features. It has a good number of Music for its users to download and stream, allowing users to browse through it via artists, genres, and albums. It provides the platform for users to create their playlists.

One of the best features of this app is its offline save mode, which is listening to music offline on your iPad or iPhone.

The services of This app are free of charge.



Google Play Music

Another mind-blowing and amazing Music Downloader on our list of top iOS music downloading apps is Google Play Music.

As you must know, this is the official Google Music app, rated as one of the best music apps for listening to music. This app has a good number of awesome features. It currently offers its users the ability to save up to 50,000 of their respective songs online.

The uploaded songs can be accessed using the iOS app. One can save them offline or stream them online using iPhone or iPad.

That’s not all. Their services and products are secured been owned by Google, and you have nothing to fear or worry about security.

This app has lots of awesome features, which are categorized into two sections:

• Subscribers Features:

These features are only available to those users who paid a certain amount. Below are the features;

Once paid, an ad-free and uninterrupted listening interface will be activated for you. You will also have on-demand access to more than 40 million songs and offline listening. And that’s not all, and you will be gratefully given a YouTube Music Premium membership at no additional cost.

• Free Subscribers Features

With this membership, you are suitable to enjoy these features below;

Radio is based on albums, songs and artists, and several playlists created by music experts.

Under this section, you will get recommendations based on mood, taste, location, activity, and many more.

You can stream and store about 50,000 songs from your archive for free of charge.


3. MyMP3

The last on our list of best mp3 music downloaders one can find on the iOS mobile operating system is MyMP3.

Have you been searching for an app to help you convert YouTube videos into MP3 files on the iOS mobile operating system? Then search no more cause I am here to end that. As I stated clearly, MYMP3 is one of a kind that can help you download songs and also convert YouTube videos and download them on your iPhone and iPad device.

MyMP3 also allows users to share their favourite songs with friends and family.

Trust me. You can afford to miss this app.


Conclusion: So far, I have been able to give you a descriptive breakdown of how you can use MP3 Music Downloader, which I was able to categorize into two sections: web-based and App-based Music Downloaders. And are descriptively given in two mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. If you have any questions regarding the above-written article, please use either the comment box below or my contact page.


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