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Efundi – is a learning management system or platform put in place by the registrars of the North West University. The NWU Efundi platform can be accessed through this link https://efundi.nwu.ac.za.

So, if you want to log in to the Efundi learning management system portal, all you have to do is to access the link using your internet browser and input your login details and login. But if you can’t do any of these. Then I will suggest you continue reading. also, read Celbux Login | Celbux NSFAS Login & Helpful Guide 2022

The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to perform some tasks on the Efundi login portal or the NWU Efundi Learning management system as you may call it. By the end of this article, you expected to know how to register and log in to the NWU Efundi portal, and know how to reset your password in the case of a forgotten password.

The learning and management system – Efundi – serves the same purpose as the Wits Sakai portal of the University of Witwatersrand. The portal is an open-source learning management system (LMS). It provides the enable needed by the North West University staff to teach, learn and research activities on the internet with ease.

There are lots of activities that students can also perform on this portal such as learning and submitting assignments. I will guide you on almost if not all you need to know about this system and above all about Efundi login guide and how to reset your portal password if forgotten.


About NWU Efundi

The Efundi was established by the North West University as a learning management system, with the sole purpose of assisting the teacher to teach and aids them to carry out order jobs academically. Student can easily access their modules, submit assignments and as well as carry out research on various subjects on this platform.


NWU Online Application

If you are searching for a way to successfully apply for the North West University as a student, then you are in the right space. Here I will guide you through the necessary steps needed to apply for the North West University, and get admitted easily.

You should know that the North West University (NWU) announced the release of its online application form, and all interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply for the ongoing NWU Online Application for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Before going on to apply for the NWU Online Application, you must ensure that you meet up to their requirements. If you are not qualified for the application or you can not meet up to the requirements, your application to be a student of the North West University, will not be approved. So I suggest you read this article carefully to note the credentials you are meant to submit so you will not be disqualified.

To apply for the ongoing NWU Online Application, you must meet up to the following requirements;

1. Applicants must have a higher certificate, with at least an APS of 15.

2. Applicants must have a Diploma with at least an APS of 18.

3. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with at least an APS of 21.


How to successfully complete the NWU Online Application

Below are detailed steps on how to register for the ongoing NWU Online Application. I will advise you to proceed with your application if you have any of the qualifications or requirements mentioned above.

1. To apply, firstly you need to visit the NWU Online Application official website at https://vssweb.nwu.ac.za/aaa-webclient/UnsecuredLearnerEnquiriesWin.do#/top

2. On the application portal locate and click on ‘New application‘.

3. After the above steps, once the page finishes loading, locate and click on ‘Create new student number‘, then supply all the required credentials and then finish up.

4. At this stage, you can log in to the portal. To log in you need your student number, which you will receive after step 3, above. And your PIN number. So to log in you need your student number and PIN number.

5. Here you select what you want to study. You have to supply all the required credentials. You can use the NWU yearbook to get more clarity on the qualifications, mode of delivery and curricula.

6. Upload support Documents

7. And then submit your application


Efundi login Guide

To login in to this platform you must be a bonafide member of the school. And must have your username and password already.

So, this is to say that to log in to Efundi learning management system portal you just need your internet connection switched on and your internet browser application and then the link to the portal and you are good to go.

Below are the steps needed for Efundi login. To successfully gain access to the site, you must follow the steps below.

1. Firstly, access your internet browser on your smart device. And also, I would advise you to ensure that your device is up-to-date, this will ensure swift experience and usage. I recommend you use a Chrome web browser or Brave web browser, any of these two will serve better.

2. One your internet web browser, visit the official portal for the Efundi learning management system at https://Efundi.nwu.ac.za

3. After the above steps, the login page will load and you will be required to supply your Efundi login details – that’s your username and password.

4. And also, in the space provided for username, you are to input your student number.

5. After the above steps, locate and click on the login button. Give the system some time to log you into the Portal.

It’s Evey important you understand this, as a fresher or new student, your Login details are set to default. Your login details such as your password and username name will be issued by the registrar, you can decide to change your password at will.

For example; your username will be your 8-digit North West University student number and your default password will be your South Africa identification number at the end of the digit, @NWU will follow.

This is not applicable to international students. For the international students – your password will not be same as the South African Students. For the international students, their Passwords will be their passport number and then at the end of the digit @NWU will follow.  For example, if their passport number is 12345678, then the password would be 12345678@NWU.

Your password expires in 90 days, and you can change it before the 90 days stipulated period, or you can just change it after or at the elapses.


How to Change your Efundi login Password

So like I stated above, your default password or your passwords expire every 90 days, so you are advised to change them for security reasons. This is a way of the registrar to keep your account secured and free from imposters.

To change your password on the Efundi login page, all you have to do on the NWU Efundi portal is to click on the reset password button.

To set a new password, tap on the button (reset password), and supply the required credentials into the system which are; Student Identification numbers for South African students, or passport numbers for international students, then provide your cellphone number or email address. You must supply details that you have used before during your initial registration on the site.

After providing the required credentials above for the change of password you will receive an SMS or email containing your password if the credentials you submitted during the process match your stored data on the NWU Efundi portal.

If you wish to make a correction regarding any of your data, you can go to the administration portal to make the necessary corrections needed. Ensure to set your password to something you can easily remember.


How to access a Module on NWU Efundi Portal

To access a Module on the NWU Efundi portal. One the portal locate and select your module. Once you have done this, then select the tab that will change to grey. Also know that module details that’s, names and code changes in different programs.

And if your module is not located at the purple tab, you can check the drop-down to see what is missing. And also, on the left-hand side of your screen, each module has a tool menu. Every menu item is called a tool.


Efundi Login Troubleshoots

In a situation where you are not getting logged in by the NWU Efundi portal, I will advise you check out on this troubleshooting processes before checking up on the IT department for how solution.

1. The system or portal is case-sensitive. So ensure that your password is either in capital letters or small letters, this means you should consider your caps lock.

2. Most times your browser might be interfering. In this case, I would advise you clear your web browser’s cache and cookies.

3. And ensure that your internet connection is on and strong before login to the portal.

4. You can try out on VPN if they persist. And if no solution, I will at this point advise you to go to the IT department and file a complain.



Be sure to use the comment box below if there is any part of this article that is unclear to you, and I will be a step away from answering and clarifying for you with any info.


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