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Cput Blackboard

CPUT Blackboard, just like Efundi of North West University and the Sunlearn of Stellenbosch University, is a Learning Management System (LMS) of Cape Peninsula University.

On this webpage, I will guide you through a well-detailed post on how to access the CPUT Blackboard with ease. That’s, putting you through CPUT Blackboard Login and CPUT SOS Login Guide with ease.


In this post you will be learning how to access the CPUT Blackboard Learning Management System; how to login to the CPUT Blackboard, how to create CPUT Blackboard Learn, how to download and install CPUT Blackboard App, and how to Submit assignments and tests, and many other requirements.

The CPUT Blackboard is the most active and generally known portal of Cape Peninsula University. This portal enables both students and lecturers of the university to perform several academic of the university; teaching, learning and uploading assessments and other things.

So as stated above, this post is to guide you through the necessary steps on how to perform all tasks on the CPUT Blackboard platform, as required by Cape Peninsula University. These activities include; teaching, learning, partaking in online quizzes, partaking in examinations, and submitting or uploading assignments documents or other work files.

The CPUT Blackboard is an e-learning platform, that gives the students of Cape Peninsula University access to online learning, as well as the lecturers; the platform to teach and communicate with students.

The platform or portal enables students to integrate their social media accounts into the platform. In addition, it provides a feature that enables students to protect their profiles. This feature enables students to set which profiles to make public ( personal profile or academic profile).


About Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is the largest and only university of technology in the West Cape province. The Cape Town, South African University powers on with over 32,000 students.

The institution was formed by the collaboration of Cape Technion and Peninsula Technology and other colleges, in January 2005.


CPUT Blackboard Login Guide

To login to the CPUT Blackboard official online portal, you must follow the steps outlined below;

1. To login, go to your internet browser and access the CPUT Blackboard Login platform at https://Myclassroom.cput.ac.za

2. After the step above, the browser will load the portal, then click on “Student Login” after which you will be taken to the CPUT Blackboard Login page. Here you are required to supply your CPUT login details; Username and password.

3. After inputting your username and password in the space provided. The next step is to click on the “Login” button to proceed into logging into the CPUT Blackboard platform.


CPUT Blackboard Login with Third-party Account

Aside from the CPUT Blackboard Login steps outlined above. Students can also log in to the platform through other means.

The “sign in with a third-party account” CPUT Blackboard login method, provides another method of logging into the platform. This method allows students to log in to the portal using different third parties.

1. Student Login using your Microsoft Office Account.

2. Student Login using OKTA – CT

3. Student Login using SAML Login


How to Create CPUT Blackboard Learn

After you might have successfully logged into your CPUT Blackboard account. The next stage is to complete your blackboard profile setup. Once you logged in, you will get a displayed notification inviting you to create your profile.

For a successful CPUT Blackboard profile setup, you must accept the portal’s profile terms and services. Follow the steps below to successfully create your CPUT Blackboard profile.

1. To create your CPUT Blackboard profile, your must log in to the CPUT Blackboard dashboard.

2. Locate and click on your name, where it is displayed on your CPUT Blackboard account.

3. You may start by setting up your profile picture. To do this, you need to upload a new picture you would love to use as your profile picture.

4. After the above, you may proceed by updating your personal data, if you wish to.

5. You can as well change or reset your password if you so wish to do so.

6. I will recommend you set up a notification for course activities.


CPUT Blackboard Learn Course Enrollment Guide

To enroll, locate and click on the “My Institution’ button. From my instruction tab, you can access the courses in which you are enrolled.


How to Submit Assignment and Test

One of the features of the CPUT Blackboard is that it provides the platform for students to submit their Assignments and Test online, at a click of a button.

This portal allows you to upload or submit your assignment or test to your lecturer/instructor. This assignment could be a problem to solve, creative writing, research papers, questions and answers, presentations, and others. And are required to be uploaded in any format.

So you can easily upload your assignment or test on the blackboard learn and receive feedback on your grade or score.


CPUT Blackboard App

Most students have no idea that there is something like CPUT Blackboard App. Yes! There is, CPUT Blackboard App – which helps in making all academic activities on the CPUT Blackboard online portal handy. You can easily perform some tasks easily on this App.

This App has two sections; the lecturer’s section is called “Instructor”¬† and that of the students is called “Blackboard”.

The CPUT Blackboard App is available on the iOS App store and Android Google Play Store.

And to log in to the CPUT Blackboard App, you need to choose the Cape Peninsula University of Technology as your university. Then proceed to log in by entering your username and password.


Contact CPUT

To contact the CPUT Blackboard help desk in case of any error encountered during logging in to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, you can use any of the details below to reach out to them for any help.

Phones: 043-703 8543/97

: 047 – 502 2984

Email: remotelearning@CPUT.ac.za



Be sure to use the comment box below if there is any part of this article that is unclear to you, and I will be a step away from answering and clarifying you with any info.

Below is a quick rundown of all that has been discussed about the CPUT Blackboard Login & CPUT SOS Login Guide.


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