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Builders Warehouse

Builders warehouse: Builders is a store that deals in Building materials and home improvement. Builders Warehouse is known for its best housing Materials and is also known as a leader in home improvement.

Builders is a store that should come to mind when you want to give the finishing touches to your house. Builders warehouse is the best store for building materials and home improvement, considering the track record that has seen it to the peak of the game. Builders are regarded as the leaders in building materials and home improvement with an infinite sequence of solutions for all your building problems. Read Takealot Specials: Takealot Daily Deals, Customer Care, Delivery & Reviews.



As stated above, the builders warehouse is the leading store in building materials and home improvement solutions. In the last few years, Builders has purchased good numbers of stores for itself within the country and across the borders of South Africa. All these expansions are done in other to serve its customers well. Currently, it operates 105 stores. Within the nation, it runs;

1. Thirty-nine Builders warehouse

2. Forty-three Builders Trade Depot, and

3. Eleven Builders Superstore.

And it has about five (5) stores in different African countries:

1. In Zambia – A builders warehouse.

2. In Mozambique – two builders warehouse

3. In Botswana – two builders warehouses.

Builders have grown successfully in the last few years. Builders were established in the late 1800s in Pretoria by the Lewis family. As a family business, it has been in existence for a while, spanning from father to son, and has been in existence for more than a century.

In 2003, due to its success, the builders attracted the attention of Massmart – one of the largest distributors of consumer goods in Africa. This attraction led to signing a deal, which transferred ownership to the retail group, and Massbuild was created.

In the same year, Massbuild made a massive move by acquiring about 51 stores nationwide. Read Pick N Pay Specials: Daily Deals, Customer care, Deliveries & Reviews.


In 2012 when Walmart expanded to South Africa, Massbuild (Massmart), with its success story, was a good and solid investment option and a stepping stone to its African expansion. A deal was stroked, seeing 51 percent of Massmart ownership transferred to the international retail giant. This deal led to the establishment of a new format builders store in 2013.


under this header, I will detail everything you need to know about builders deliveries, which includes;

  • Delivery Fee: You need to know that builders charge a delivery fee for every online order.
  • Delivery Times: builders are always working hard to keep to their words when it comes to deliveries. On builders you can choose a preferred delivery date, and they will have it delivered on that day or the following day, depending on stock availability.

Builders Delivery Days

Weekdays: 08:00 – 17:00

Saturday:  08:00 – 13:00

No deliveries on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Delivery Areas: Builders deliver to specific locations for Registered Customers. If your location is not within the specified area, you can opt-in for in-store collection.



You can contact Builders Customer care team on 0860 284 533 or email:


Top 4 Sites like in South Africa.

To provide you with an excellent and detailed article, we have decided to bring you many great options to choose from, in case didn’t go well with your building project.

Please note that the

Below are the top 4 trustworthy Sites like, to go for if the builders don’t suit your building plans.


1. Mr Price Home

The first on our list of top 4 trustworthy and cool sites like the Builders is the Mr Price Home. If you are looking for another fantastic site/store to hope into for your home interior decor, then Mr Price Home shop is one best shops for you.

The Mr Price Home is best known as the master in home decor, and as I see it, it is the best when it comes to that field, both online and offline.

To buy from MrpHome online or offline stores is very simple and stress-free. For the online store, all you have to do is access its online portal at

To place an order or buy, you must have an account to make your activities and experiences on the shopping portal more personal and convenient. And after registering, you can go ahead with placing an order and have it delivered to the comfort of your home in hours.

For the in-store or offline store, it is easy to buy from the online shop, so it is for the in-store.

Mr Price Home Payment Options

The MrpHome claims that its online payment methods are very safe and secure. And claims to have integrated with 3D Secure / Payer Authentication and partner with Visa and MasterCard to keep its customers’ information secure and give them the peace of mind they deserve when shopping online.

Mr Price Home Delivery and Returns purchase Delivery:

Click + Collect Economy 5-7 working days R15

Click + Collect Express 2-3 working days** R35

Economy(Door to door) 3-7 working days R50

Express(Door to door) 1-3 working days** R70

Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6

Major Metropole City / Town Regional towns Outerlying Rural Remote

0-50km 51-100km 101-150km 151-350km 351-550km >551km

R350 R400 R500 R800 R1300 >R2500 Purchase Returns:

For the returns, there are about 3 methods to return your order on MrpHome, which are explained below:

  1. Return Via Store: this method is the easiest out of the three methods to return your order on Mr Price Home. Here, you can return any order to any nearest MrpHome store for free ( without any returns charges). Make sure not to complicate things ( purchases from can only be accepted at Mr Price Home stores, that from can only be accepted at Mr Price stores, and that from can only be accepted at Mr Price Sport). Take note of this not to complicate things. Returning of Furniture can only be done through the Courier and can never be returned to a store. 
  2. Return Via Courier: You must complete the returns form provided with your order to return an order. Afterwards, you must package your return and have the return confirmation page slotted into the package. You can use the one sent with your order for the return confirmation page or print another from the website.
  3. Return Via the website: this is the last method out of the three. If any of the two methods above did not flow well with you, check this out. All you need to do is go to the site, scroll to the footer, click on the “returns” button, fill in the required details, and submit. After submitting, you will receive a call if your submission was successful, and your return will be processed.


Mr Price Home Customer Care Line:

Do you have any questions about an order or your Mr Price Money Account? Get in touch with the contact details below:

Mr Price Money account: 08610 66639

Customer Care: 0800 212 535

WhatsApp: 064 584 1000




2. Leroy Merlin

The Leroy Merlin is the second in our list of top stores like

Leroy Merlin is part of a group (GROUP ADEO) with a workforce of an estimate of about 89,000 employees. This group boasts 32 independent companies in 13 countries committed to about 15 retail chains.

In 2015, the company saw a turnover of about 17.9 billion euros and a 3.6% annual growth. The company swings on with about 300 million household customers.

Leroy Merlin is a founding enterprise of ADEO. And best known for sales of products and solutions placed them in the heart of many as the best store or place to go and order anything relating to house buildings.

Leroy Merlin is a do-it-yourself hypermarket known for providing home improvement solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

Leroy Merlin Customer Care

For queries related to orders please use:

For all other queries use:

Tel: 010 493 8000



3. CTM

The CTM shopping portal is next on our list of top sites like

CTM is one of the leading offline and online shopping portals in South Africa. It is popularly known for its sales of building materials such as; floor and wall tiles.

This company boasts about 70 stores offline. And are also known for their affordable prices, fast delivery and returns. Giving them a try won’t be a bad idea.

CTM Customer Care.

Customer Care: 010 271 0161

Customer Care Email:

Customer Care Office Hours:

Mon to Fri: 8 am to 5 pm, Sat: 8 am to 4 pm



4. Buco

Buco is the next on my list of top sites like, and you could check them out.

Have you been looking for an online portal where you could get all or nearly all needed for your house building? Buco hardware and build ware is the one that should come to mind.

Buco is popularly known for its wide range of products and services for anything building, both in and outdoors.

Buco is a jack of all trades and master of all. Whether you’re building a residential, commercial, or industrial property or a DIY project at home, choose to build with buco!. Read Makro Specials: Makro Daily Deals, Customer care, Deliveries & Reviews.

Buco Customer Care.

Head Office: 021 927 5000

Customer Complaints Resolution Center: 0861 1 SHARE (74273)

Customer Resolution Center Email:

BUCO, 2nd Floor, Execujet Building, Tower Road, Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, 7490




So far, so good. We have come to the end of this detailed article, “Builders Warehouse: Builder Deals, Contacts, And Delivery”, and you enjoyed it.

Please note that this post is subject to update In the future if the need arises.

And if you are unclear with any part of this article, use the comment box to notify me, and I will be just a step away from clarifying all the needed details.

Below is a quick rundown of this Builders Warehouse: Builder Deals, Contacts, And Delivery:

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2. Builders Warehouse Delivery

3. Customer Care

4. Sites like

5. Mr Price Home

6. Leroy Merlin

7. CTM

8. Buco

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