Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022


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This post will list yet another best anime series to watch in 2022. This top Romantic/Comedy Anime Series will spicy up your days in 2022. Scroll down to see the list of best Romantic/Comedy Anime series to watch now!


10. Rurouni Kenshin

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

This show would be much higher on the list were it not because much of its third season blows chunks. Approximately 75 of the episodes, however, are genuine anime goodness. From the start, it pulls you in with its catchy theme song and beautiful characters.

Kaoru’s mood swings, Kenshin’s goofy cluelessness, Sanosuke’s wit, and Yahiko’s demands for respect complement each other well. Not to forget is the show’s incredible action scenes.

Each of the better fighters in the show has somewhat of a supernatural ability to keep things interesting, but the action, for the most part, is pretty down to Earth. The first season of Kenshin has quite a bit of filler, but nearly every episode is well worth the watch because the character relationships are developed a little.

The second season is where the story gets into full swing. Most fans agree that the great Kyoto story arc is the show’s high point. The third season begins with a good story arc but then introduces three more afterwards that fail miserably in the entertainment department. All in all, though, there is little bad to say about Kenshin.


9. Akazukin ChaCha

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

Before I get into my rave of this show, let me tell you one thing: Cha Cha is much more than a good anime for me; it represents my heyday in anime. It means the time when I honestly had fun waiting for my fansubs in the mail, reading reviews of shows now considered old and passé, and just enjoying the loving anime community as a whole.

Now, with the commercialization, digitalization, and Americanization of anime, the “love” is gone, and thus I look at Cha Cha as a great reminder of that time.

In reality, Cha Cha is just a fun Mahou shoujo series about a witch in training who becomes a superhero version of herself whenever a monster-of-the-week shows up (albeit the show did have a wicked sense of humour). But it’s precisely the warmth and humour I look for in anime, not to mention the top-notch characterization. Yay.


8. Urusei Yatsura

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

Although many likely would disagree with me, I believe that this was Rumiko Takahashi’s best series by far. If you look closely, you can see that this is the series from which Takahashi drew the base for many of her characters in later series. Why go for the series with somewhat derivative characters when you can enjoy the very original? This is a true classic.


7. Yawara

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

Oh my, they don’t make them like this anymore, do they? Yawara was about a girl who had unwillingly been brought up on judo all her life and now wants to break free and become a “normal” girl, but it was much more. It was a tale about self-realization and the discovery of your personality and desires in life. It was sweet, sad, tender, funny, engaging, and just plain fun–and I dare you to find anything like it being made right now!


6. Comic Party

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

While some state that Otaku no Video has never been matched in its examinations of the world of the anime/manga fan, anyone who has seen ComiPa will tell you that it not only has but it’s been beaten.

The true joy of ComiPa is its ability to bring to life the conventions, the doujinshi, the cosplay, and all the other facets of the anime world and put human faces (well, drawn human faces at least) on them.

Thus, we learn about these subsets through characters we know and care about, and we genuinely get excited about their success in their favourite field.

If an anime can make me want to dress up like Miyu and head down to a convention, it deserves a spot on this list. Period.


5. Kodomo no Omocha

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

Another entry on the comedy front, Kodomo no Omocha, is not one of those shows that simmers its characters in slowly building relationships while delivering subtle but amusing jabs of comedy. No, Kodocha acts like a manic whirlwind, blowing away any viewer with its spastic insanity and killer cast.

Never has any anime character been so caffeine-crazy as Sana, and the rest of the cast do much to add their wild jolts of humour every time they can. And not only that, the more dramatic scenes are handled expertly, and all the characters are as attractive as they are crazy. Oh, and Babbit-chan. We mustn’t forget Babbit-chan!


4. Hana Yori Dango

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

Ah, melodrama, how I love you so. Shoujo romance is one of my favorite genres, and HYD has that in spades. The trials and tribulations of Tsukushi were as unrealistic as a soap opera, but the execution was flawless, and each cliffhanger left me on the edge of my seat.

Not to mention, this was one of the few shows where I truly cared about each one of the characters, and that goes to show how realistic characterization in an otherwise outlandish series can bring a show to a whole new level. Ah, if only my high school years were this romantic… ^_^


3. The vision of Escaflowne

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

You might say it’s nostalgia that one of the first anime I saw remains my favorite, even after viewing so many excellent series and movies. You wouldn’t be wrong (though it’s difficult to be nostalgic about something you first experienced only two years ago).

Escaflowne marks a point of discovery for me, that not only were there animated shows out there that appeal to others besides children but also that there were stories in these animated features which rivaled the best Hollywood could produce. Also, it was my first experience with Yoko Kanno’s and Hajime Mizoguchi’s brilliant music compositions.

Setting the talk about discoveries aside, the show just spoke to me. It was a highly personal experience, one which I treasure. In some ways, the story is simplistic. A girl getting whisked away to another world is a fairly typical story in anime. What makes this one somewhat unique is the connection between the two worlds and what makes the girl so unique.

Hitomi is what you would call an ordinary girl, but she has a considerable influence on those around her without realizing it. Seeing her develop from a relatively carefree high school girl to a strong voice of reason in a brutal world is a treat. The entire cast of characters is extraordinary in this story. The depth of nature displayed in each of them throughout the show is indicative of a well-planned account. Also supporting this view is that there’s almost no filler material in the show.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the story is that it has so many things to like. The mental growth of Hitomi, the love triangle, the duality between brothers, the challenge of fate, the friendships and relationships (blood or otherwise), the loyalty and betrayal, and the general motives of the characters all spin the intricate web that makes up the story.

Add to that the entertainment value (superb action scenes, humor, and drama), incredible music, and excellent visuals, and you end up with a work that is truly one of a kind.


2. Love Hina

Top 10 Romantic Anime Series To Watch In 2022

At first glance, Love Hina is merely a digital marvel containing a mountain of fan service. Though the fan service is potent, the attraction to this show turns out to not be purely superficial.

The story of Love Hina is relatively simple: cram school student comes to live at an all-female dorm and falls in love with the girl who shows up the most in the show’s opening sequence. However, the particular accents to this show give it an unusual spin, and the cast is wildly entertaining.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotion, being hilarious and depressing to others. The characters’ experiences are ordinary people’s, so it’s easy to relate to. It combines the wacky comedy, the never-boring story, and the great characters that make Love Hina a real gem.

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