6Streams – NBA, NHL & NFL (Markky Streams)


Ever heard of Markky Streams, formally known as 6Streams?

Ever wondered or searched for a platform where you can easily stream live NBA, NHL, NFL & MMA matches, free of charge?

Are you an NBA, NHL, NFL, or MMA fan, and wish to be updated with your favorite team matches?  If the above stated are the case then, I will advise you to continue reading.

Before now, I have been looking for a platform where I can easily stream live NBA matches. I contacted a friend who directed me to this platform and for years, I have been watching live matches on this platform for free of charge. All I need to stream live matches on this website is to have my smartphone and an active internet connection and I’m good to go.

This platform (6Streams) currently known as Markky Streams is one of the best websites on the internet where one can easily stream live NBA, NHL, NFL & MMA matches free of charge. To stream live matches on this platform you need just a smartphone and access to an active internet connection.


About 6Streams (Markky Streams)

6Stream is one of the well-known sports streaming websites in the United State of America.  The Markky Streams as it is currently known as of the time of writing this article provides unlimited and vast free live sports streams across the globe. This platform provides all-match streams for free of charge, you can as well as download any of the matches or TV shows being streamed if you love to have them downloaded to your smartphone or device.

And among other things, you can as well buy or rent any of the media on the platform. It’s just owning a sports theatre, DVD, and VHS store, but all in one shop or place – but in this case it is online, and then requires no form of payment to access.


Why 6Streams?

Before now, I was in a situation where I asked myself several questions about 6stream. And these questions are; Is 6stream safe to stream on? Is 6Stream not illegal? Would these 6streams not be banned in the nearest future as other platforms before it?

It’s okay to ask yourself the above questions, and in honesty, the 6stream has been discontinued severally but has been continued severally too. Currently, the platform once known as 6streams is currently running swiftly under the name Markky Streams. And the Markky Streams offers the same services as the 6streams used to.


Is it Safe?

Considering the fishing and hacking going on these days, one would be right to say that the internet is not a safe place to access. But in truth, no place is safe too safe to be even offline.

From the time of the inception of 6streams and through its period of transitions and to this moment of its existence as Markky Streams it has not been heard that users’ devices or smartphones have been compromised or hacked. So, one would be right to say that 6streams is safe.


Is it Illegal?

Is 6streams or Markky Streams operations illegal? I know that most of us will be dabbling about this question. But one thing I’m sure of is that hosting media that do not belong to you without the appropriate permission is theft.

But in the case of this NBA, NFL, NHL, and MMA free streaming platform, I can say for a certain, because I have no tangible facts about their operations.

I would advise if you are using their services, be sure to use a VPN to hide your IP.


Markky Streams Live Chat

this is my favorite place to be at once I’m at the Markky Streams website. The live chat section is one of the awesome features of the website. It allows the users to communicate or relate about an ongoing match or talk heavily about an oncoming event.

So if you want to get top-notch info about a match or team on an individual level, you are sure to check the live chat section out.


HD Free Streams and Downloads

Have you been surfing the internet for platforms to stream NBA, NFL, NHL, and MMA sports events in HD/4k video quality? If so, then surf no more, because you have found the right article that would direct you.

6Streams is one of the best NBA, NFL, NHL, and MMA free streaming websites that provides you with videos or live events of different sports in HD/4k video quality. And also, these HD/4k videos can be downloaded straight to your device or smartphone in just a click.


NBA Streams

Streaming your favorite NBA sports events on the Markky Streams is very easy, all you have to do is to access the 6streams website which is now accessible on a new name and address – Markkystreams.com. on the website locate and click on “NBA Streams” which is one of the pages on the website.

After clicking on the page above, just as directed. A new page would open with a list of NBA sports events. Click on any of the videos to start streaming immediately.

And besides, the list of NBA videos, you would see a live chat section, this section allows users to communicate and relate about ongoing NBA events as well as past events.


NHL Streams

NHL Streams is another page on the Markky Streams website. This page houses all NHL sports events and live discussions.

So, if you wish to stream live and past NHL events. You can just click on the page and the page will load and display the list of videos.


NFL Streams

Are you an NFL fan? If yes then this page on the Markky Streams website would be your first click on the website.

Just like the NHL Streams page, the NFL Streams is another page on the Markky Streams website that contains the list of NFL sports events videos. And also houses live videos of this NFL sport.



So far, I have been able to give you a detailed article about the 6streams, currently known as Markky Streams. If there is any part of this article that is unclear to you, please be sure to use the comment box. And I will be seconds away from guiding you through.

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